About us


Alexander Maier, founder and CEO of InterReCo, has 20 years of experience in the fields of human resources management, and the founding and building up of enterprises.
He obtained an in-depth understanding of the business world with an apprenticeship in a technical trade and further training as a state-certified engineer.

Afterwards, he started as a personnel agent in a temporary employment agency, for which he established a subsidiary and took on its management.
A career move brought him into a medium-sized business in the field of personnel services, for which he founded several subsidiaries in Bavaria - in Ingolstadt, Landshut and Augsburg.

After being promoted to regional manager, he continued to establish subsidiaries - in Hamburg, Bremen, Rostock, Braunschweig, Hannover and Düsseldorf. During this period, he also assisted in setting up corporate representation abroad, namely in the Czech Republic and in the UK, as well as establishing and setting up a subsidiary in the USA with three branch offices.

In 2011, Alexander Maier founded the InterReCo (International Recruiting Consulting) company in Germany, with a subsidiary in Kiev (Ukraine). A further subsidiary in Atlanta, USA, is scheduled for November 2011.
With such commitment at international level, Alexander Maier is a trendsetter in the fields of human resources management and the founding and setting up of enterprises, and the advancement of enterprise coached by him.

"InterReCo provides the highest quality international staffing and recruiting services, to both - our clients & candidates."

A chronology of his commitment at national and international level:

  • 1993 Took over a branch office in Regensburg
  • 1995 Directed a project for the assembly of mechanical parts
  • 1998 Took over and directed a branch office in Landshut
  • 1999 Established and directed a branch office in Ingolstadt
  • 1999 Established a branch office in Augsburg
  • 2000 Established and directed a branch office in Hamburg
  • 2000 Established a branch office in Bremen
  • 2001 Established a branch office in Braunschweig and Hannover
  • 2002 Established a branch office in Rostock
  • 2004 Established and built up a company in the Czech Republic
  • 2006 Support in established a company in Great Britain
  • 2007 Established and built up a company in USA
  • 2008 Opened a branch office in South Carolina USA
  • 2009 Opened a branch office in Alabama USA
  • 2010 Opened a branch office in Tennessee USA
  • 2011 Established InterReCo Deutschland
  • 2011 Established InterReCo TOV in Kiev/Ukraine
  • 2011 Established InterReCo LP in USA/ Atlanta

We can make recommendations from the following occupation groups:

CNC-operator, electronics engineer, electronic technician, IT specialist, body shop paint technician, toolmaker, plastics processing engineer, stonemason, warehouse manager, warehouse clerk, forklift operator, medical assistant, tax advisor assistant, professional driver, office clerk, call-center agent, database developer, printer, electrician, specialist assistant, motorcar technician, precision mechanic, warehouse und production assistant, software engineer, motorcar mechanic, catering chef, constructing engineer, painter and lacquerer, quality controller, mechanical engineer, cleaner, logistics clerk, production assistant, dental assistant and many more ...