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Our services for start-ups

Especially for start-ups, it is important to achieve market entry at an early stage and to successfully establish innovative technologies and products on the market for their potential customers. To make the right decision at the right time, to be one step ahead of the competition and to be successful – these are the reasons why InterReCo is the perfect partner for a new business starting out. InterReCo offers competent and demand-oriented support in the areas of corporate subsidies, business development and engineering, to ensure a successful positioning on the market. New businesses especially are faced with great challenges and must make important decisions that also harbor great risks: various corporate departments (production, logistics, accounting, marketing, etc.) must be created and structured, important staffing decisions must be made, etc. This is where InterReCo can help start-ups: in defining job specifications and requirement profiles, as well as in finding and selecting qualified employees that exactly suit the needs of the new business and who can contribute vital impetus for corporate success in the critical start-up phase.

Expanding abroad is an attractive venture for many enterprises, but also a great challenge.
In particular, an increasingly globalized economy, with attendant international competition and often bewildering regulations, doesn’t make it any easier for companies to attain a long-term market success when they expand abroad. On the other hand, a leap onto the international stage often brings with it a much wider window of opportunity.

Establishing a location abroad requires in-depth knowledge and information regarding the national laws, procedures or relevant entry restrictions applicable in the country in question, regarding the relevant national trade promotion measures, and also regarding the national labor market.
To enterprises planning an expansion abroad, InterReCo offers comprehensive advice in the different areas.  In particular with regard to fiscal and corporate law (e.g. „piercing the corporate veil“). InterReCo can avail of an already established international network of contacts and local partners when providing advice to clients.

Examples of relevant issues:

  • Choice of legal form for the branch office (joint venture, subsidiary, separate enterprise…)
  • National legal and fiscal conditions
  • Making contact with the relevant authorities locally
  • Drawing up a contract according to the national law applicable
  • Collection and enforcement procedures against defaulters abroad
  • National labor legislation

InterReCo has a contact base of highly specialized attorneys, tax advisors and banks, so that it can develop a tailored concept for the expansion abroad and can provide quick and competent support for any issue that might arise.
Our highly competent advisory services free up your energy and time resources, giving you the edge over your competitors in foreign markets!

An enterprise wanting to achieve long-term success when entering a new national market needs a team of qualified employees. InterReCo helps companies find suitable multi-lingual candidates for their branch office abroad.