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The decades of experience accumulated by InterReCo in the international recruiting of management staff, and our in-depth knowledge of the labor market, and of the specialist needs in different industry sectors, are doubtless an asset for any enterprise.

Due to InterReCo's highly individual and direct placement work, a considerable pool of managers and experts as potential new staff is available, as required and when required, to our clients.

InterReCo's effective placement work ensures that our clients save costs and time when looking for and selecting suitable applicants to fill a vacancy.
By working closely with a partner in the employee-leasing sector, InterReCo can also help fill vacancies for middle- or low-qualified jobs with suitable applicants.  

InterReCo always approaches potential applicants with a precisely defined job description. This allows a very selective choice of applicant, so that the new employee's orientation time, after signing the contract, can be shortened considerably.


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We can make recommendations from the following occupation groups:

CNC-operator, electronics engineer, electronic technician, IT specialist, body shop paint technician, toolmaker, plastics processing engineer, stonemason, warehouse manager, warehouse clerk, forklift operator, medical assistant, tax advisor assistant, professional driver, office clerk, call-center agent, database developer, printer, electrician, specialist assistant, motorcar technician, precision mechanic, warehouse und production assistant, software engineer, motorcar mechanic, catering chef, constructing engineer, painter and lacquerer, quality controller, mechanical engineer, cleaner, logistics clerk, production assistant, dental assistant and many more ...