Für applicants


InterReCo offers specific advisory programs for executives and top managers, as well as for employees in middle management, that are tailored to the applicant's particular requirements and that are always based on the current labor market in the high and medium executive level.

InterReCo's highly competent and qualified advisors have many years of experience and have built up a close-knit network of contacts at home and abroad – not least on account of their own professional and executive experience in various sectors and fields.

InterReCo serves applicants in all industry sectors and occupations.
In addition to human resources placement, InterReCo offers its applicants a number of other services, for example:

  • obtaining work permits abroad
  • obtaining and extending work visas
  • cooperation with renowned law offices worldwide
  • contact with numerous small, medium and large enterprises at home and abroad

Our long-standing cooperative and conscientious partnership with numerous companies in different industry sectors ensure that an applicant can be certain of an attractive and career-oriented position, after successful placement in a new enterprise.

Most recent job offerings

We can make recommendations from the following occupation groups:

CNC-operator, electronics engineer, electronic technician, IT specialist, body shop paint technician, toolmaker, plastics processing engineer, stonemason, warehouse manager, warehouse clerk, forklift operator, medical assistant, tax advisor assistant, professional driver, office clerk, call-center agent, database developer, printer, electrician, specialist assistant, motorcar technician, precision mechanic, warehouse und production assistant, software engineer, motorcar mechanic, catering chef, constructing engineer, painter and lacquerer, quality controller, mechanical engineer, cleaner, logistics clerk, production assistant, dental assistant and many more ...