The high quality standards pursued by InterReCo ensure that we always offer our clients a reliable, cooperative and successful partnership. This is founded on the underlying values cultivated by InterReCo - such as independence, discretion, exclusivity and client protection.

Dedication to our clients' interests presupposes absolute independence of any interests of third parties. InterReCo is solely committed to the goals and wishes of our clients, applicants and employees.

Confidentiality and discretion are paramount. We guarantee absolute discretion for our client, his employees, and any applicant involved, during every stage of cooperation.

To avoid a conflict of interests from the start, and to be committed solely to the needs of our clients, InterReCo does not take on any competing assignments, and thereby ensures its clients' right to exclusivity.

Client protection
An applicant, once placed at a client, will not be approached again by InterReCo for placement purposes.

We can make recommendations from the following occupation groups:

CNC-operator, electronics engineer, electronic technician, IT specialist, body shop paint technician, toolmaker, plastics processing engineer, stonemason, warehouse manager, warehouse clerk, forklift operator, medical assistant, tax advisor assistant, professional driver, office clerk, call-center agent, database developer, printer, electrician, specialist assistant, motorcar technician, precision mechanic, warehouse und production assistant, software engineer, motorcar mechanic, catering chef, constructing engineer, painter and lacquerer, quality controller, mechanical engineer, cleaner, logistics clerk, production assistant, dental assistant and many more ...