High Executive Search

High Executive Search

InterReCo performs a selective search for highly-qualified employees and executives such as managers, advisory board members, directors, site managers and production managers as well as experts for particular tasks. InterReCo works for clients from diverse industry sectors, with a thorough knowledge in each case of the client's enterprise, strategy, unique culture and a requirement profile for the position to be filled.

InterReCo's personal recruiting is based mainly on directly approach (headhunting) suitable people for the positions to be filled. With our previously established worldwide network of contacts with renowned enterprises in all sectors, InterReCo avails of an enormous pool of potential applicants that are ready to fill vacancies having diverse requirement profiles.

This ensures that an InterReCo client can fill an open vacancy exactly in keeping with its requirement profiles, and with the most suitable applicant for that position.

Advantages of InterReCo 's High Executive Search:

  • Highly-qualified candidates for managerial positions expect to be head-hunted directly and generally don't reply to job announcements. Instead, they need to be given an incentive to change jobs.
  • By approaching candidates directly, InterReCo therefore always reaches the most interesting and most suitable candidates for the position to be filled. In this way, the selection process is more goal-oriented and more accurate, since we work together with our client to clearly define the requirement profile that should be fulfilled by the candidate
  • Last but not least, InterReCo uses personal recommendations or references. Such a precise search ensures our clients a high level of effectiveness.



When selecting candidates, InterReCo uses a systematic, quality-oriented and proven approach:

During in-depth discussions with the client, the expectations and goals of the company are reviewed, as well as the personal and professional demands that will be made on the new employee, and this information is used to sketch a profile. On the basis of this profile and a detailed labor market analysis, potential candidates are indentified and presented to the client in the form of a select list.

Candidates that are deemed suitable are always directly and personally approached by InterReCo. In a meeting between InterReCo and a potential candidate, his or her eligibility, as well asĀ  professional and social competence required for the position in question, are evaluated (e.g. using personality tests). Subsequently, InterReCo introduces the most suitable applicants to the client.

A placement brief is only finalized when a contract has been signed between the client and the applicant.
InterReCo's advisors remain in contact with the applicant during the entire process, and keep the client updated regarding the status of the placement brief.

We can make recommendations from the following occupation groups:

CNC-operator, electronics engineer, electronic technician, IT specialist, body shop paint technician, toolmaker, plastics processing engineer, stonemason, warehouse manager, warehouse clerk, forklift operator, medical assistant, tax advisor assistant, professional driver, office clerk, call-center agent, database developer, printer, electrician, specialist assistant, motorcar technician, precision mechanic, warehouse und production assistant, software engineer, motorcar mechanic, catering chef, constructing engineer, painter and lacquerer, quality controller, mechanical engineer, cleaner, logistics clerk, production assistant, dental assistant and many more ...